Restaurant Krapihovi

A true Finnish setting of five seasons

Restaurant Krapihovi both cherishes and creates new Finnish culinary tradition in an idyllic villa setting. The pearl grey and green main building was built in 1883 as the Krapi estate main building and as summer residence for the Councillor of State Sourander.

The seasonal cycle and fresh Finnish ingredients from field, water and forest form the basis of the Krapihovi kitchen. Krapi has its own curehouse, a buthery and a bakery on premises. Everything on your plate is made with care in the Krapi kitchen. Krapihovi dining room is set with seasonal Finnish delicacies; a delicious culinary story of  Finland.

The three settings of breakfast, lunch and dinner are the focal point of Krapi culinary world.

Blini Buffet in the Restaurant Krapihovi from
7th January until 17th March 2020

The story of the Krapi kitchen is built of seasonal variation and fresh Finnish ingredients from the surrounding earth, water and forests. Krapi grounds hold their own smokehouse, butchery and bakery. Everything on your plate is home made with pride and joy. Krapi dining room is set with a delicious and genuine Finnish handmade feast of the season … a delicious Finnish story.
All the dishes are lactose-free. Also gluten-free and vegan dishes are available.



Mon-Fri klo 11-15 & 17-22
(kitchen open until 21.00)
Sat klo 12-16 & klo 17-22
(kitchen open until 21)

Sundays & Mondays closed

All rights reserved – opening times may vary during Covid-19

Please reserve your table in advance

tel. +358 9 2748 4290 or


Finnish Five season Breakfast
in Krapi

The set table passes on the story of the house. Good food is made with all that is available, every ingredient is appreciated and nothing is exaggerated. The whole heart is put to every taste.
Kitchen creates the soul of the house, delicious tastes and happiness…
…caring, the table is set.

16,00 €/person
Mon – Fri  6.30am – 9.30am

20,00 €/person
Sat – Sun 7am – 10.30am

Barley porridge poached overnight
Cinnamon & organic sugar
Organic muesli from Sysmä
Corn Flakes
Krapi’s berry jam
Finnish berries
Fruit salad
Sun flower seeds,
Roasted ground nuts
Dried berries
Crushed lingonberry grains
Crushed Camelina grains
Vestola’s honey from Petäjävesi

Krapi style smoked bacon & chive seasoned scrambled eggs
8minute eggs
Karelian pasty with egg butter

Krapi’s organic bread;
Loaf bread Rye bread
Coquus’ potato seasoned Finnish flat bread and brioche bread
Organic crispy rye bread,
Glutenfree: crispy bread and bread roll

Kungsgård cream cheese from Ålandsmejeriet
& Edam cheese
Selection of Finnish cheese

Krapi style smoked meat
Herring of the season

Cucumber, Salted cucumber, SalaD

Apple juice, Orange juice & Finnish berry juice
Smoothie with berries or fruits

Coffee and tea
Danish pastry with apple

Christmas buffet

Traditional Finnish Christmas Buffet in the Restaurant Krapihovi is served both in lunch and dinner

61,50 €/person

We serve traditional Finnish Christmas delicacies in the buffet
in the Restaurant Krapihovi from 27th November until 23rd December

Mon – Fri from 11am to 4pm & 5pm to 9.30 pm
Sat from 12 am to 4pm & 5pm to 9.30 pm
Sun 1pm to 3pm

All dishes are lactose-free

Glögi seasoned herring, Christmas herring, marinated herring with carrot and onion & potatoes
Rainbow trout roe, Cavi-Art seaweed caviar, sour cream and red onion
Homemade terrine of cold smoked salmon
Honey and pepper glazed salmon with dill sauce
Orange marinated whitefish with smoked yogurt sauce

Liver pate with grape compote seasoned with star anise
Smoked turkey breast with tomatoes seasoned with cinnamon cider
Krapi style smoked beef with pomegranate sauce

Jellied deer from Metsäranta farm from Punkalaidun with Christmas beer mayonnaise

Forest mushroom salad
Roasted beetroot salad with anchovy mousse
Cabbage, celery and apple salad
Beetroot and barley salad with kale
Christmas salad with pear, blue cheese and plum dressing seasoned with ginger

Christmas fish
Special Christmas ham from Metsäranta farm with sauce and homemade mustard
Red cabbage braised in red wine, prunes, and peas
Homemade Christmas sausage & crushed lingonberries
Sweet potato casserole, carrot casserole and swede casserole

Krapi’s home baked organic bread with butter and beetroot seasoned margarine

Cheese from small Finnish producer Herkkujuustola & Krapi’s compotes & almonds & nuts
Truffle seasoned red mould cheese Punaheidi, Camembert style soft white mould cheese Väinö and
matured and rind washed cheese Hilma
Milk and cinnamon compote, Rowanberry and apple compote, Cherry and rum compote

Plum kissel with cinnamon cream
Charlotte Russe
Krapi style Rocky Road
Date and soft cheese cake & gingerbreads and
Coffee, tea