Covid actions in Krapi

We wish to ensure your visit will be pleasant and safe by carefully obeying health officials instructions to prevent Covid-19 contagions. We have taken the following actions to minimize the danger of infections:

  • We ensure safety clearance in all our premises by providing distance between different groups and table settings into account. We also instruct pacing and timing the possible cues and dining events.
  • Our meeting and conference rooms are spacious and private. If you have any special wishes, please let us know upfront.
  • We have paid extra attention to cleanliness quality and increased the frequencies of cleanings. Sanitation procedures have been reevaluated and upscaled and our staff have been trained to use these methods in everyday actions. Disinfection of all surfaces is a high priority for us, especially the ones with frequent human contact such as door-handles, counters and payment terminals. Cleaning of sanitary facilities have been also enhanced.
  • Our staff use face masks and we recommend all our guests to use them as well.
  • We encourage everyone to pay close attention to hand hygiene. You will find hand sanitizers on all our premises and, when asked, gloves are provided. You should remember that it is advised to prioritize washing your hands with warm water and soap rather than using hand sanitizer.
  • We ensure that our staff works only when fully healthy, we ask you to follow the same procedure and to stay home if you have even mild symptoms of respiratory infection.
  • We prefer to use card payments on all occasions.
  • All serving in our restaurants from breakfast to dinner are practiced by following the instructions of health authorities.


  • You may choose to use our take-away services to enjoy Krapi’s treats either in your hotel rooms, the conference rooms or our Sauna facilities.
  • We improve our practices all the time to eliminate the danger of Covid 19- infections.
  • We avoid shaking hands and hugging to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection.
  • We have our own responsibility in preventing the spread of the virus. We also encourage all our guests to download the koronavilkku-application to their phones.