Genuine Encounters

Since 1911

– the story of the house is kept safe in our recipe book

Created more than one hundred years ago, Krapi provided the surroundings for recently urbanized Finnish persons to have breathing moments and all inclusive awe-filled experiences. Krapi maintained the lands and raised livestock, made food from their own farm’s ingredients and took good care of the guests arriving to the estate.

Years and decades have passed, but nothing has changed. Krapi’s essence is still the same. It lives on in the encounters shared by people, entwined between the Finnish banquet table and the stories told around it. Krapi’s everyday life is genuine, Finnish, caring and communal. Our story

Hotel services

Accommodations peaceful, cosy and spacious lodging in the Krapi and Onnela regions – Krapi is domestic travelling at its best.

Hotel Krapi’s rooms are all located within the Krapi and Onnela region, only a 15 minute drive away from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. There are 61 hotel rooms, two log cabins in Onnela and during the summertime, one traditional granary in Krapi’s courtyard. An abundant buffet breakfast is always included in the price.

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Restaurant Krapihovi

The story of Krapihovi’s kitchen is built upon the seasonal changes and pure Finnish ingredients from the earth, sea and forest. In the courtyard we have our own smokehouse, meat carving house and bakery. In Krapihovi, we serve a genuine, Finnish, hand-made setting. A delicious story of Finland.

Summer is all green. In the garden herbs and wild green things grow and season our plates. From June until the end of August table is set with Finnish fish and garden’s delights not to forget smoked meat.

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Summer restaurant Mankeli

Summer in Mankeli starts on First of May, April 30th, and it lasts all the way until the beginning of September. Inside Mankeli -restaurant there is capacity for 100 guests, the summer terrace, garden and orchard can serve up to 160 people.

In summertime, Mankeli serves lunch and from afternoon until the evening we have summer menu for our guests.

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Lakeside saunas

Gathering and sauna. Nothing can beat that!

There are seven saunas altogether in Krapi that can be reserved for private use. Four of them are located on the shore of Lake Tuusula.

We guarantee a warm visit to our saunas, whether you choose to go “Savusauna” smoke sauna (the most traditional Finnish Sauna!), cosy Elvilä, wood-heated Janne’s sauna or traditional “Järvisauna” lake sauna.

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Please contact us for further information:

Krapihovi Oy, Rantatie 2
04310, Tuusula

tel: +358 9 274 841