Toukola is the biggest event space in Krapi. In the building there is a lobby, restaurant hall and event room, Onnelahall. There is room for 300 guests.

The Onnelahall alone is for 250 people.

Toukola is most suitable for the events where you would need a large space with high ceilings that can be decorated for different themes according to ideas and needs of the event. The lobby and the hall are provided with a programmable light system. In the hall there is a fixed in-house sound system and three projector screens. With colour lights and large interior textiles you can create impressive interiors.

The hall can be provided with a 5 m x 4m stage with PA-sound system and stage lights

Toukola suits for company meetings, parties, galas, PR-events, launching parties, fairs and to any events that require one big space.

Large, 2,6 meter wide maintenance door allows, for example, cars to be brought into the hall.

Onnelahal can be divided in two different halls for smaller events.