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Krapin Paja’s experience is unique. The concept was a collaboration between Krapi and Lake Tuusula Events. The aim was to create the best cultural environment. Paja opened in 2017 on the day that celebrates Finnishness. It was built from the foundation up with the intent to be versatile in events and for performing arts.

Every visit to Krapin Paja is a memory to cherish.

We welcome you as our guest!

Krapin Paja, Lake Tuusula’s cultural candy

In Krapin Paja, we organize different music and theatre clubs as well as private parties, meetings and events throughout the year. The core programme of Paja are our weekly open clubs.

In Paja you can enjoy life with great food and beverages during the clubs, parties and events.

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Krapin Paja’s Park Concerts

During the summer, we can enjoy the highly anticipated Krapin Paja’s park concerts.

The summer programme provide the opportunity to see Finnish popular artists and bands perform their greatest hits on stage.

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Impivaara’s Garden Terrace

Impivaara’s garden opens again at the beginning of June and there are events until the end of August.

Enjoy these cultural and musical experiences from your own garden table.

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Krapin Paja’s Garden Festival

On Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of August 2022, Krapin Paja, Krapi and Warner Music Live have come together to organize the Garden Festival for your enjoyment.

Krapi’s picturesque garden setting is perfect for an August garden party!

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Streaming Services

We wish to offer all of our guests cultural and memorable experiences regardless of time

and place restrictions, that never compromise service, responsibility and safety.

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From the Circus to Seminars

Only your imagination is the limit of what can be arranged in Krapin Paja. Here, everything can be thought of and nearly nothing is impossible. From sold out shows, car exhibitions, weddings, birthday parties, circus performances, seminars, think-tanks, innovation workshops, trade-fairs, and plenty of other presentations have their place here. How may we be of service?

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