Paja is a meeting room, exhibition hall and cosy space for fairs.

Krapin Paja hosts a variety of music and theatre clubs, events and cross-culture gatherings with artists from all different fields as well as local operators.

Krapi runs year round also serving conferences and party guests. The milieu of Paja is extraordinary. The wooden walls are stained dark grey, giving a complimentary tone to this lofty space with contrast to the stylish industrial looking concrete floors. The tables in Paja are made by local artists, so each one of them is a unique piece of art.

The room is 250 square meters, with an additional 80 square meters on the balcony, also where the renowned Paja Bar is. The room can hold up to 200 people when in class form, 250 people in theater form (with the balcony included) and 57 people when tables are in the U-form. Wide maintenance doors allow for even cars or larger machinery to be brought in.

Paja’s conference accessory includes: a data projector, white screen, additional tv -screens, built-in modifiable high-class sound system, professional level performance lights, stage, flip chart with marker pens, note-taking equipment, standard office supply and high speed WI-FI. Paja’s own technician, host or hostess, is always there to help you throughout the entire event.

Pajaband, our very own house-band, is always part of our additional services. We highly recommend to have a culture snack in between your meeting to lighten the day up. It can be our fun-filled band, a pianist, a dance performance, a singer or a theatre monologue. How would a Live-jukebox sound like? Or how about a daytime disco, maybe even a rock-club just in the middle of the day? Everything is possible in Paja!

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