Event production services

From Krapi you get everything custom made for you.

Krapin Paja, Tuusulanjärven Tapahtumat Ltd., can provide everything you need for your event – content, technical equipment, decorations, and overall managing of the whole occasion. You get everything ready, easy and cost effective provided to all the locations in Krapi. We have ready-made concepts or we can create something totally new with you. We have different locations and skills to organise your event. In Krapi there are different sized spaces for groups of 10-300 people in an idyllic environment surrounded by excellent restaurant and hotel services.

We are ready to help and get excited with you!

Manuscripts and productions

Krapin paja design scripts and different programs, for example, “As you wish”- evenings. Already for two years Paja has offered The Blues Brothers Show, where ten musicians show their best in the spirit of the beloved movie.

Decorations and technical set-ups

Krapin Paja decorates and builds events according to different themes and concepts, Through Paja you get all the required technical equipment, facilities and know-how.

Performers and artists

Paja Event production services provide desired program wether you choose to have local artists or the biggest stars of today.

Paja Band is Krapin Paja’s own house band. The musicians in the group have played it all from garden parties to stadium concerts. The picture is from a corporate summer event held in Krapi garden in 2019.

Corporate recreational days

Krapin Paja also arranges different kinds of recreational events. You can for instance choose to get to know historical artist homes in renowned Rantatie together with Local Artist- guide. On these memorable trips local artists work as your personal tourist guide. In the picture is and not limited to: musician Lauri Hongisto, musician Altti Uhlenius, composer Raine Ampuja.

Events all year round

Krapin Paja has already been producing Jääkarnevaali-festival in Tuusula for four years.

Krapin Paja’s safe club evenings, Christmas park, and summertime park concerts are also provided by Krapin Paja. The latest addition to the list of our great events, is Impivaara yard’s terrace that is open throughout the whole summer.